Christy Crites

Owner & Level 6 Stylist

I have been in the salon industry for almost 30 years! I started working at Wholesale Beauty Club (the off brand for those of you who remember Beauty Warehouse) when I was 15. I have been a stylist for just over 25 years & a salon owner for almost 15. Stop doing the math, I will be 45 this year :) I love everything you can think of about being a stylist. What I didn’t know I would grow to love, even more than all things hair, is the joy I get from working with new stylists in my industry. Java Salon has become the salon I dreamed of when I was starting as a new stylist. I wanted a salon team willing to learn together and encourage each other. I wanted our salon guests to feel beautiful on the inside & the outside when they left my salon. The Java Salon staff has changed over the years, what I have learned is that we must blend well like a great cup of coffee. The understanding of what a well blended team is motivates me at work & in my personal life. I want both the salon guests & the salon staff to have the experience of blending their own talents & beauty from the inside out. Java Salon, Blending beauty inside and out.

Here are a few more fun facts about me:

Dream Vacation: Dubai, but I don’t think I could be on a plane that long, so anywhere I’ve never been, as long as it’s an adventure with a great story to tell!

Three items I would need on a deserted island: Tennis Shoes, a couple of Ponytail Holders, and Several Bobby Pins (MacGyver taught us that a bobby pin will fix anything!)

Favorite coffee drink to get me through my day: Sugar Free Caramel Soy Latte or Soy Caramel Macchiato

Top 3 favorite products: Redken Triple Take Hairspray, Dry Shampoo Paste (so sad it’s discontinued) I am hoping the new Dry Texture Spray is just as amazing and Redken Wax Blast

Bonus Fact: I could not go a day with out music. I love all types of music! From Skillet to Nirvana, from old school Amy Grant to Alanis Morissette, From Green Day to DC Talk and of course Hootie and the Blowfish!