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Nope! We are not sharing! No really. There are very few things Brittney & I will not share with co-workers or a stray friend who has wondered into the backroom of Java Salon. Need a round brush for your amazing blow-out? Forgot your clippers at home when you were cutting your boyfriends hair? Better yet, need another ADHD (attention deficit hairdress disorder) brain to help you figure out your hair color and foil highlight formula from last month? Either one of us...sometimes both of us, Lord have mercy, will be glad to share. BUT... NOPE... our endless bag of M&M is off limits. Yes, even if we mistakenly put the bag of M&Ms on the community table while we are assisting you with one of the tasks listed above, we are not sharing. Our bond of Peanut M&Ms, Chick Fil A, washed down with Java began some time between "the flood" of 2018 that flowed into 2019 and the 2020 pandemic "shutdown". We had no idea the beautiful transformation Peanut M&Ms, hairspray and 12 years of blending beauty would have on our careers and friendship.

The beauty found in...


"Rinse & repeat?! I thought they only put that on the bottle to sell more shampoo!"

As a stylist of 26 years, almost daily, a salon guest will ask how they can add body to their hair or how to keep their hair from getting flat throughout the day. While there are many reasons you find yourself with this common hair struggle, I’d like to start at the beginning. May I ask how often do you shampoo your hair? A more important detail, I ask, "Do you shampoo twice? Do you rinse & repeat?"

Rinse & repeat? You ask with a very puzzled look. YES! Repeat.

Your hair struggles of obtaining voluminous hair could be as simple as shampoo, rinse, & repeat! Shampoos are formulated to attach to the dirt & oils in our hair. Rinse & Repeat is truly the best way to cleanse your hair & scalp, add body to your hair AND save you money in the long run by not over using your shampoo. Hear me out on this one ;)

Start with rinsing your hair really well. Making sure you have your hair completely wet from scalp to ends. The water activates the shampoo. This...


Is it better for my hair to be clean or dirty when I get my hair colored?

CLEAN! Coloring services used to be very harsh on the hair & long ago stylists would recommend coming with "dirty hair" saying your natural oils would help protect your hair from the coloring process. Today, we have confidence in the vast improvements that have been made to professional hair color & hair bleach. Manufactures, like Redken, recommend color/ lightening services be done on clean dry hair for the best results. Natural oils that we once thought "protected" the hair, we now know actually slow down the lightening process because the bleach or lightening agent needs break through the natural oils or product build up before it can achieve it's main task of lightening your hair. Thus results in more time in the salon waiting & thinking blonde thoughts to only being able to achieve highlights that are too warm. Grey coverage & glosses face a different challenge on dirty hair. Natural Oils or product build up can become a barrier not allowing the color molecules to develop in the...


"Blending Beauty Inside & Out" This is the new tag line for my salon company. This year, 2023, Java Salon celebrates 15 years of offering a fine blend of service (our old tag line). While you can still expect your experience at Java Salon to be a top priority, my team and I want you to know we want you to feel beautiful inside and out as well as have a great salon experience. We want you to embrace your true beauty. We want to blend your authentic beauty with the salon. beauty services we offer to create a style and look that is your very own.

You have choices and it means the world to us, that you chose Java Salon & welcomed us as part of the Wichita community for the last 15years. Our vision is for every guest leaves feeling seen and heard, because you matter… and because your hair should be the last of your worries. So step out of the daily grind, let us take care your beauty needs, and relax with a cup of coffee.

New to Wichita or maybe even new to Java Salon?

Imagine having a tiny army of beauty...

Salon Event

If you have been to Java Salon during the holidays to refresh your balayage or touch up & trim your beautiful locks, you know how much I LOVE this season! This is the time of the year you are sure to catch me buzzing around the salon, sipping on my favorite coffee drink while the elves and I turn our coffee house vibe salon in to Christmas Cheer! We kick off the holiday season with our annual Holiday Open House featuring sample salon services like lash tinting or brow waxes. It is always 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. This year it's on Veteran's Day, November 11th. Java's Holiday Open House is the best time to take advantage of added savings on Salon products featured in Holiday gift sets. Not sure what salon services or salon products Mrs. Clause enjoys? A holiday gift cards is always a perfect fit! She can use the gift card on all services, yet I'm guessing she will treat herself to our most popular services like foil highlights, or a balayage, or maybe even a little gray coverage to keep her looking as youthful as she feels. Each gift card of $25 or more comes with a free...