Rinse and Repeat

"Rinse & repeat?! I thought they only put that on the bottle to sell more shampoo!"

As a stylist of 26 years, almost daily, a salon guest will ask how they can add body to their hair or how to keep their hair from getting flat throughout the day. While there are many reasons you find yourself with this common hair struggle, I’d like to start at the beginning. May I ask how often do you shampoo your hair? A more important detail, I ask, "Do you shampoo twice? Do you rinse & repeat?"

Rinse & repeat? You ask with a very puzzled look. YES! Repeat.

Your hair struggles of obtaining voluminous hair could be as simple as shampoo, rinse, & repeat! Shampoos are formulated to attach to the dirt & oils in our hair. Rinse & Repeat is truly the best way to cleanse your hair & scalp, add body to your hair AND save you money in the long run by not over using your shampoo. Hear me out on this one ;)

Start with rinsing your hair really well. Making sure you have your hair completely wet from scalp to ends. The water activates the shampoo. This is very important if you use concentrated shampoo, like Pureology or Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate line.Use a dime to nickel size amount of shampoo in your hands, work the shampoo with a bit of water to start sudsing action. Start by applying the shampoo in the back of your hair working to the front. Yep! You read that right, start in the back. This helps ensure you get the shampoo throughout your hair instead of getting "stuck" in the front or top. (Hey mom share this tip with your middle-schooler, save both of you the stress of the "did you even try to wash your hair look")

Trust this process! I promise on my color swatch book this process works! Work this first amount of shampoo in really well, scalp to ends. It's ok they're little to no bubbles. Work it in the best you can & resist the temptation to get more shampoo. We are trying to save money too, remeber? Now, yep you guessed it. Rinse and repeat, your 2nd shampoo, same dime to nickel size amount of shampoo, will have all the glorious bubbles needed for that soul healing shampoo we all desire.

Let's quickly repeat. The first shampoo is designed to loosen dirt & the second shampoo is to remove the dirt and oils. Your hair should feel "squeaky clean" Side note, the silky, detangled feel should come from your conditioner not your shampoo. If you would like a personal consultation on the best shampoo & other products for your hair type please contact me or a Java Salon stylist. We would be happy to assit you.

Last bubbly tip, if you like to utilize your natural oils & extend your shampooing past 3 days or more, you may need to shampoo 3 times, then condition.